This American Light Lager rips. Open ‘ah right up bud!
Made with local watah, 2-row, just a touch of cahn, a tiny bit of hops and a whole lot of yeehaw.
What mowah do we gotta say? American Light Lager, bud. This ain’t no Valentine beah - no special bouquet.
So, put the boots to it, take it up country, and givah hell!

Brappp braaaaappp brappp brappp brappp!

A light, crisp, refreshing North American Lager, brewed to celebrate all the fun you can have in the snow! Take er' up country and givah' hell!


This succulent New England style IPA was carefully crafted to showcase bold and pleasant hop aromatics, followed by a flavor profile that wonders the palate with bright, tropical character. Coming late to the party were hops from the Treasure Valley in healthy doses, building this into the gentle, but wonderfully Juicy IPA Maine has become famous for.


This “Winterized Lager” Doppelbock was brewed in collaboration with our longtime friends, Cathy and Russell Pinkham, to celebrate their tireless efforts in making Pinkham's Gourmet Market rise to the top of the list of our best retailers. They own one of the finest seafood and gourmet markets in the country!
We infused this german inspired strong lager with 10 gallons of Maine’s finest Sweetwoods maple syrup to make it into a robust, rich in flavor, yet friendly double lager, for when the leaves have all fallen and the fireplace is cherry red. Cheers!


The Black Rocks are ledges located in the Sheepscot River and are seriously black in color. Although appearing normal during average conditions, folklore and actual experience makes even the most seasoned mariner double check his navigation after dark. This stout is brewed using a slight addition of lactose to make a smooth, silky stout with pronounced coffee and chocolate flavors, and aromas. Cheers!


Greek root words- "wild child". A beer that takes time to grow and develop. Each batch is made in the Spring and spends over a year fermenting in wine barrels with various brettanomyces and lactobacillus strains, some that have been imbedded in the wood for multiple years. Patience and an openess to possibility and surprise is rewarded as each barrel is unique, culminating in a final blend that is bottle conditioned for four weeks before release. Drink now or let this wild child continue to change for a year.


Our version of an all american brown ale. We use mid-west 2-row, caramel, black, and specialty malts to give this ale its rich malt backbone, then we balance the sweetness with English hops. This beer is dark in color but lighter in body and alcohol. Brewed especially for Brown’s Wharf in honor our long-time friend & owner of Brown’s Wharf.


As most anglers will tell you, the road to a trophy fish is paved with good beer and patience. Whether you're gently laying a fly on a cool brook or 'swimmin' some livies' for a giant tuna, this Pilsner will keep you in the moment. Jumping Rise sports a light body and a floral-spicy nose that comes across the stern at 5% A.B.V. With such a crisp and refreshing taste there's no doubt that you'll be hooked!


This German inspired strong, dark lager was brewed with 10 gallons of SweetWoods farm maple syrup made right up the road in Newcastle. We aged this beer for 4 months in bourbon barrels that had previously held maple syrup. This malt forward lager is reminiscent of his little brother "Route 27". At first sip the bourbon and malt will greet and lead you to a silky smooth finish with flavors of light maple and oak. The perfect way to welcome Spring. Cheers!


A malt forward German inspired lagerbier that was cold conditioned for six weeks. It is balanced with rich notes of fresh bread and crackers from Munich malts and a crisp finish that is accentuated with mild floral aromatics from Hallertau Hersbrucker hops.


Southporter is our smooth, rich in body American style porter. It is brewed with caramel and chocolate malts that give it sweetness and a slight complexity, and dosed with handcrafted, house made vanilla extract made of rum that gives the beer a coastal trader spice flavor.


Cryptos has returned this year as our version of a smooth, juicy double IPA . Using very little kettle hops we focused on post fermentation dry hops to showcase the numerous hop varietials we feel blend best together for this style. And to carry on a long family tradition of treasure hunting our Heidi Geist designed Cryptos 16oz label abounds with cryptic clues to a vast world of keys, cyphers, hidden clues, and geocaching that will lead you on day long treasure hunts throughout the Boothbay region and beyond with “prizes” to the successful adventurers! A little research into the “pig pen cypher” should get you on your way. We know this beer will satisfy your thirst for hops and outdoor adventures in Maine!


A mildly hoppy pale ale using 2 row, vienna & caramel malts for body, color and head retention. It is hopped with American west coast hops later in the boil giving it a nice citrus hop flavor, aroma and bitterness. Slight additions of a roasted caramel malts gives “633” its signature sunset over the harbor glow. This one named itself when the ABV turned out to be Boothbay Region’s telephone exchange.


Seasonal Collaboration



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