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This American Light Lager rips. Open ‘ah right up bud!
Made with local watah, 2-row, just a touch of cahn, a tiny bit of hops and a whole lot of yeehaw.
What mowah do we gotta say? American Light Lager, bud. This ain’t no Valentine beah - no special bouquet.
So, put the boots to it, take it up country, and givah hell!

Brappp braaaaappp brappp brappp brappp!

A light, crisp, refreshing North American Lager, brewed to celebrate all the fun you can have in the snow! Take er' up country and givah' hell!


North American Lager



Late Oct- April



American Lager

Cascade, Cluster

Pilz, Vienna, Blue Ox, Caramel & Flaked Corn

Blue Ribbon Watah'

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