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Step 2

of the Cryptos Hunt


Clue #2

The last word spelled in the mantel sentence will be your key to advance.

There you made your first step into the world(s) of Cryptos, brilliant!

Let's try another one. So you are sitting there, enjoying a big juicy double IPA and admiring the artwork on the can. You were just told to look closely at it for clues and keys. On the mantel of the fireplace there are curious markings. This code is called a Pig Pen cypher or Masonic cypher. Oh those Masons,  always being secretive and talking in a mysterious language. I would tell you more about the Masonic Lodge since I am a Brother but those who break the silence will lose their tongues, so 2B1ASK1.

Use the below KEY to decode the message on the mantel.

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