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Cryptos Start Down Arrow

Welcome to the

Cryptos Hunt

A beer adventure like no other!

This mission, should you choose to accept it,  will take you to some of our favorite outdoor places, unique stores, and loyal beer accounts where you will experience the true Maine and some of her finest people.

Just let it be known to the adventurer that this hunt will require travel around Maine, and cannot be completed all at once. It is meant to be enjoyed as more of an insiders road map to special places. It is not a race and the only winners are the ones who enjoy the journey and pay attention for clues along the way. THERE WILL BE PRIZES to the brilliant individuals/teams who complete certain levels of the hunt.  Some clues may only be found in establishments that have regular business hours, so please respect this. Plan your hunt around open times so you don’t make a wasted trip. Don’t rely on the web to say whether or not they are open, call them first! These clues are used or placed with the managements permission and are located there in hopes you will support this local business by being a patron. Although this is not mandatory you certainly would be missing out if you didn’t.

To Begin:

Examine the Cryptos label itself.

Look carefully at everything that is on the label, hidden meanings and keys are everywhere!


 We will guide you along the way and hope you enjoy becoming an adventurer into the world of


For now let's give you your first clue. It is an easy riddle to get you warmed up and to understand how the Cryptos Hunt works.


Clue #1

“As we sit, relax, and enjoy this ale so fine….

We turn the can and see the time….”


Enter the time in the Cryptos Decoder below;

(hint, it is a number of one of our other fine ales!)

Remember to always use lower case!

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