This is




Bon 'n raised:

Barters Island, ME



Favorite thing someone else said:

"Be humble and kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle. And if you really want to see who people are, all you have to do is look." from the movie Wonder, R.J. Palacio

When you're just dinkin' around:

Marketing, Organization, cook & my ability to adapt and fill in to do just about any job in our company.

Favorite tune/album/band:

Depends on the mood...Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, Chris Stapelton, Grateful Dead.

Fun things you've experienced at BCB:

All of our Full Moon Beer Dinners at the Tavern Brewpub and our trip to Leeds, UK with the ME Beer Box touring around England. SAVOR & meeting Charlie Papazian while he drinks our Pilsner. It's all R&D!!!


Okay, what else, 


I love a good rollercoaster or thrill ride, hiking, yoga, travel, boating, fishing, hunting. I've been down the Grand Canyon on a mule named Maddie.